Monday, January 2, 2012

how i spent new year's eve (part 1)

When I learned that I don’t have to report for work on New Years’ eve, I made plans on how to celebrate it. The beach far south was the first thing I thought of. However, it was too late to make a reservation for plane ticket and hotel accommodation. I also considered going to Baguio because of its cool weather however, news spread that a lot of people headed to that place and it would definitely be too crowded. Staying at home doing DVD marathon with stockpile of all my favorite comfort food also appealed to me, then again, I can always do it anytime I want. New years’ eve should be spent tremendously. Google to the rescue, I typed in: The best New Year's eve parties in Manila to welcome 2012. Two events popped out.

1. GMA 7 Official New year’s countdown at Mall of Asia

2. The Magical Musical Makati New Year Countdown 2012

Both events share the same common denominator: FIREWORKS DISPLAY. As a photo enthusiast, it’s the best time to bring out the camera and do snapshots. Nevertheless, I didn’t go to both places. Ideas got me so excited. What played on my mind was the view of the fireworks with their reflections on the sea. So I hit the road going to Manila Baywalk area where MOA fireworks can be seen, far from the crowd. Imagine the Manila Bay's darkness and free-flowing wind. See and enjoy some photos i took.


Gary January 14, 2012 at 5:37 PM  

welcome back to blogspot! happy new year!

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