Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I love boracay..! It has always been known for having the finest powder white sand along with crystal clear blue  water. Furthermore the ocean's temperature is like bath water. It has a very serene atmosphere, a lot of friendly people around. Some people call it paradise.

There are also a never ending variety of things you can do: strolling, shopping, eating, walking barefoot on the white pure sand, island hopping, watching the sunset, parties.

Along the beach strip is an array of bars and bistros. The restaurants offer awesome mouth watering food.. totally yummy!


I've been here many times I just can't get enough of this place. I don’t care if it gets too crowded. Never mind even if it’s already too commercialized.

I have a soft spot for this place! This is where I always want to go to.
The beauty of the white sandy beach, the beach party, the luscious - delectable foods , the ambiance at night, the nice people. I simply cant get enough of this place. I love boracay..!


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