Wednesday, February 8, 2012

jack's ridge

If you are in Davao city and you want to see a pleasing to the eye kind of restaurant
with a cool ambiance, go to Jack’s Ridge.

It is one of the top places to dine when in davao. This is situated on the hill top.

That means having the chance to see the whole city and all the surroundings.

 I learned that the best time to go there is before the sun sets. So I went there around 5 in the afternoon enjoyed the whole scenery and waited until dinnertime.

experience superb dinner on top of the hill,

 and feel the cool breeze .

it's exact location is in Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City

                                                - japol  orona


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ponce suites: the unconvention center

“A must see place and an attraction in itself” .

This place is a smorgasbord. A hotel, an open air cafe and bar, function house,
museum and art gallery. ‘

It is a three-storey hotel which is filled with sculptures,
framed photos and paintings covering not just the walls
but also the ceilings moreover , the floors.

There are numerous interesting artworks made of assorted recycled materials,
paper maché , murals and portrait sketches.

It is indeed a visual treat. It’s a sanctuary for those who value modern art .
The brain behind this works of art is Kublai Milan , Mindanao’s renowned artist.

Ponce Suites is located at :
 Corner Road 3 and 4, Doña Vicenta Village, Bajada, Davao City, Philippines


Sunday, January 29, 2012

sulyap gallery

Let’s take a “PEEK” at the very famous spot which can be found down south. I used the word peek because the exact name of the place is “Sulyap Gallery”. (sulyap is the Filipino word for peek)

"cultural preservation” is the first thing that I thought of when I reached this site. It has 3 buildings: 2.bed & breakfast They were Spanish style antique houses which were transformed as what they are right now. I actually learned that they were ancestral houses transported from the nearby town - Quezon.

The interior is full of antique pieces.
The collections are practically on display which gives a feeling of travelling back in time.

Sulyap Gallery & Restaurant is located at Brgy. Del Remedio,
Cocoland Compound, San Pablo City Laguna


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

how i spent my new year's eve (part 2)

December 31st is the end of the holiday season and the last day of the year. I was feeling kind of tired. I have worked hard all year and I definitely need to greet the New Year in a hassle-free mode. I am single and can go anywhere I prefer and do whatever I want. Once more with the help of google, I hit upon ample ways to ring in the New Year.

I wanted to welcome 2012 sharing a few laughs and good food with NEW people. When I say NEW PEOPLE, it means those I never knew, who know nothing about me. That includes meeting people from other countries. I headed to the backpackers haven in the Philippines that is MALATE. There were several inns and guesthouses I went to and one particular place I chose was Where2Next Manila Hostel. It’s the place which I found the cleanest, NEWest and nearest to the Manila Baywalk area where I had fireworks photoshoot.

The place has a welcoming ambiance because of its friendly and accommodating staff. There’s a chill out area that contains a flat screen TV and cozy couches. It is the ideal venue to be acquainted with other travellers. There’s a graffiti wall where you can sign your name or leave a greeting for other guests to read.

United Colors of Benetton Party is what I call my NYE party. I partied with 2 irish guys, an american, 2 aussies, korean, swedish and swiss couples. We had fun drinking local beers, rhum cola and brandy. We also went out and did bar hopping along malate strip.


Monday, January 2, 2012

how i spent new year's eve (part 1)

When I learned that I don’t have to report for work on New Years’ eve, I made plans on how to celebrate it. The beach far south was the first thing I thought of. However, it was too late to make a reservation for plane ticket and hotel accommodation. I also considered going to Baguio because of its cool weather however, news spread that a lot of people headed to that place and it would definitely be too crowded. Staying at home doing DVD marathon with stockpile of all my favorite comfort food also appealed to me, then again, I can always do it anytime I want. New years’ eve should be spent tremendously. Google to the rescue, I typed in: The best New Year's eve parties in Manila to welcome 2012. Two events popped out.

1. GMA 7 Official New year’s countdown at Mall of Asia

2. The Magical Musical Makati New Year Countdown 2012

Both events share the same common denominator: FIREWORKS DISPLAY. As a photo enthusiast, it’s the best time to bring out the camera and do snapshots. Nevertheless, I didn’t go to both places. Ideas got me so excited. What played on my mind was the view of the fireworks with their reflections on the sea. So I hit the road going to Manila Baywalk area where MOA fireworks can be seen, far from the crowd. Imagine the Manila Bay's darkness and free-flowing wind. See and enjoy some photos i took.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I love boracay..! It has always been known for having the finest powder white sand along with crystal clear blue  water. Furthermore the ocean's temperature is like bath water. It has a very serene atmosphere, a lot of friendly people around. Some people call it paradise.

There are also a never ending variety of things you can do: strolling, shopping, eating, walking barefoot on the white pure sand, island hopping, watching the sunset, parties.

Along the beach strip is an array of bars and bistros. The restaurants offer awesome mouth watering food.. totally yummy!


I've been here many times I just can't get enough of this place. I don’t care if it gets too crowded. Never mind even if it’s already too commercialized.

I have a soft spot for this place! This is where I always want to go to.
The beauty of the white sandy beach, the beach party, the luscious - delectable foods , the ambiance at night, the nice people. I simply cant get enough of this place. I love boracay..!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

cebu city: must try

SKY ADVENTURE at Crown Regency Hotel

Adrenaline rush. Sky adventures: 2-minute side coaster and the 10-15 minute skywalk. Includes a decent meal at the Crown Regency Diner. I only tried the skywalk. Some thinks it’s scary. As for me, it is not creepy at all. I walked through 3 by 1 meter of clear glass.

When I looked down  I thought I will be falling.

Very exhilarating though. However, the guide asked
me to make a one foot stand at the edge. This is so thrilling. I got a good view of Cebu city at night.


Its foyer was just a plain bungalow look alike. No overview from the outside . I thought it was just a run of the mill resort. Once inside, I cannot find any words that could give a picture of this man-made beach, I was like stunned.
I was given a map and a complimentary drink. The place was so huge that it would take around 45minutes to see the entire resort.

I had problems on choosing where to swim: main lagoon .warm water pool. ordinary pool. ??? I chose all . I swam and transferred from one pool to the other. They have waterfalls and gigantic slides .they even have a floating bar wherein you can order a drink to chillax. I did kayaking and wall climbing. I ate at kilimanjaro restaurant.. An awesome place. I so love it.

LARSIAN: bbq haven

Larsian in Cebu is one and the same to a place where people can savor a scrumptious , lip smacking barbecue (grilled pork /chicken/fish) at very inexpensive prices. Seriously, the price is within your  means.  Larsian has about 30 stalls . Placed in the hub of the city, near the Fuente Osmena landmark, it has turned out to be a chow sanctuary for people from all walks of life.

SUTUKIL (sugba, tula, kilaw) in mactan

Sugba. Tula. Kilaw. These are the various customary process of cooking either a fish or pork or any other seafood. The idea behind was to experience having either of them cooked in three different ways at a restaurant setting. 

Manna Sutukil restaurant was the choice I had. There were ample choice of seafoods.  This Sutukil restaurants much more expensive than the rest. I only ordered for shrimps and had it buttered.


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