Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I love boracay..! It has always been known for having the finest powder white sand along with crystal clear blue  water. Furthermore the ocean's temperature is like bath water. It has a very serene atmosphere, a lot of friendly people around. Some people call it paradise.

There are also a never ending variety of things you can do: strolling, shopping, eating, walking barefoot on the white pure sand, island hopping, watching the sunset, parties.

Along the beach strip is an array of bars and bistros. The restaurants offer awesome mouth watering food.. totally yummy!


I've been here many times I just can't get enough of this place. I don’t care if it gets too crowded. Never mind even if it’s already too commercialized.

I have a soft spot for this place! This is where I always want to go to.
The beauty of the white sandy beach, the beach party, the luscious - delectable foods , the ambiance at night, the nice people. I simply cant get enough of this place. I love boracay..!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

cebu city: must try

SKY ADVENTURE at Crown Regency Hotel

Adrenaline rush. Sky adventures: 2-minute side coaster and the 10-15 minute skywalk. Includes a decent meal at the Crown Regency Diner. I only tried the skywalk. Some thinks it’s scary. As for me, it is not creepy at all. I walked through 3 by 1 meter of clear glass.

When I looked down  I thought I will be falling.

Very exhilarating though. However, the guide asked
me to make a one foot stand at the edge. This is so thrilling. I got a good view of Cebu city at night.


Its foyer was just a plain bungalow look alike. No overview from the outside . I thought it was just a run of the mill resort. Once inside, I cannot find any words that could give a picture of this man-made beach, I was like stunned.
I was given a map and a complimentary drink. The place was so huge that it would take around 45minutes to see the entire resort.

I had problems on choosing where to swim: main lagoon .warm water pool. ordinary pool. ??? I chose all . I swam and transferred from one pool to the other. They have waterfalls and gigantic slides .they even have a floating bar wherein you can order a drink to chillax. I did kayaking and wall climbing. I ate at kilimanjaro restaurant.. An awesome place. I so love it.

LARSIAN: bbq haven

Larsian in Cebu is one and the same to a place where people can savor a scrumptious , lip smacking barbecue (grilled pork /chicken/fish) at very inexpensive prices. Seriously, the price is within your  means.  Larsian has about 30 stalls . Placed in the hub of the city, near the Fuente Osmena landmark, it has turned out to be a chow sanctuary for people from all walks of life.

SUTUKIL (sugba, tula, kilaw) in mactan

Sugba. Tula. Kilaw. These are the various customary process of cooking either a fish or pork or any other seafood. The idea behind was to experience having either of them cooked in three different ways at a restaurant setting. 

Manna Sutukil restaurant was the choice I had. There were ample choice of seafoods.  This Sutukil restaurants much more expensive than the rest. I only ordered for shrimps and had it buttered.


Monday, March 7, 2011

CEBU CITY: must see

“Queen City of the South” that’s how it’s called by most Filipinos. Best known for delicious mangoes and the best guitars. People there are called Cebuanos. They worship the Santo Nino. Best known for The Sinulog Festival. It is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January. The city is usually sunny and hot.

This amazing and historic old church is situated on the older section of Cebu City. The Basilica is evidently an old and interesting church, with astonishing carved wood - especially behind the altar. One can feel the history here. The church is to some extent gloomy and rustic, which adds to its lure and the moving impact of visiting.

A go see for catholics. It's the cross left behind by the Spaniards centuries ago. It is said that the holy cross has healing powers. There are striking, beautiful paintings on the ceiling of the hexagonal chapel. It's a piece of Cebuano/Spanish history.


One needs to know and appreciate the historical events of the site to realize its worth and magnificence. It's a pleasant and calm place to break away from the chaos of the city. A Spanish style structure and relaxing garden which serves as an escape from the turmoil of downtown Cebu.

Lapu Lapu monument. It is a witness to the Filipino bravery and is epic for the reason that it is the foremost… the first ever substantial opposition to foreign supremacy.


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