Tuesday, November 11, 2008

El Nido,Palawan: Day 2: bottom fishing,diving,snorkeling,kayaking

on our second day,we woke up at exactly 5:30 in the morning. Ready to take the first activity of the day.Bottom fishing. A weight was tied to the end of the line, and a hook about an inch up line from the weight. We actually used a conventional reel . instinct told me to keep my thumb on the spool to avoid tangles as i let the line to the bottom. All fish live and eat on the bottom that’s why it's called "bottom fishing". we were instructed that when we feel a nibble, we have to immediately raise the rod tip high and reel like crazy. always check to see if you have any bait. You must have bait in order to catch a fish. after few minutes, i got a catch.!! actually, i was the first one to have a catch...wooo hoo..!

Open Water course. Jonas and I discovered scuba diving.we were taught the basics of dive safety and a few basic skills so that we'll surely be safe underwater. We learned the basic skills needed to be able to dive accompanied by a buddy. who is also Open Water certified . Some basic skills we learned were: standard diving hand signals.regulator recovery,mask clearing,removal and replacement,fin pivot and proper weighting..i experienced the feeling of running out of air so i immediately signaled my dive instructor.eventually,i learned how to continue breathing normally from a regulator that won't stop flowing.whew! after that great experience, i promised myself i will get/have a scuba diving certificate .. soon!

then we headed to pangulasian beach for lunch, again, their food was heavenly. and the beach, a bit rocky at the edge but was white sand. it was beautiful. jonas,sheena & i went snorkeling and swimming, while shiela & joshielle just lazed around at the beautiful beach cottage.

next stop was Miniloc Island. we headed to the Small and Big Lagoons, tauted to be the best sites the El Nido islands have to offer. They were both amazing. we only did two things : Fun & adventure. synonymous to : kayaking & snorkeling.

we went for a sunset cruise, and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.


Monday, November 10, 2008

El Nido, Palawan :Day1:Island Hopping

I would like to describe my trip to Lagen Resort , El Nido, Palawan as "world class".i knew then that the moment i stepped into the small airport in Manila, something good will come my way. morning coffee/pastry were served,while waiting for the flight.i travelled with my fave cuz (shiela) along with her family (hubby-jonas, kids-joshiel & sheena).
a small 19 seater twin propeller plane (Island Transvoyager Inc) was where we boarded.. it took around 75 minutes ride to the El Nido airport.When we stepped into the El Nido airport,the setting was very barrio-like. It has a basic runway with a shack/hut as a waiting room which is strikingly old fashioned.the resort staff were there serenading with traditional Filipino songs.

a light snack was served (rice cake (puto)iced tea / coffee), while we wait at the airport for our boat transfers to the resorts. it was a 45 minute boat ride from El Nido town to the Lagen Island. The boat ride was very traditional island-style kind of thing. the boat was an outrigger and cannot come close to the resort due to corals in the water, so we need to transfer to a smaller speedboat in the middle of the water for what seems like less than a minute ride to the hotel's dock.

The boat ride going to Lagen resort was breathtaking. we had a vision of big rocks,limestone mountains and cliffs,covered by lush forests,various shades of clear blue water,random strips of beaches,with coconut trees,it was a paradise .literally & figuratively

when we reached the resort, friendly resort staff welcomed , place lei around our neck and escorted us to the club house where check in and orientation happened. a perky filipino song was rendered by the resort staff. After the serenade, we were provided by the hotel coordinator (Cindy Rivera) with some tips on how to preserve the environment so we will have a real good time during our stay at the hotel. this is what they call " GREEN HOTEL EXPERIENCE"

we stayed at the water/beachfront cottage. it was an overwater cottage, the best place to have a good view of the sunset, limestone cliff and forests where the resort is nestled. the accomodation was superb! Clean, comfy, relaxing, soothing! and of course.. so quiet and peaceful!

After some rests, we did our first activity of the day. the resort guide helped us planned our daily activities. we were encouraged to experience each excursions, the resort offers. we all agreed to do island hopping first.
we first headed to Snake Island, which had a beautiful S-shaped strip of sand , that completely submerged in water.it really looks like a snake hence, the name. The tide was low that time, so we were able to cross the sandspit to the mainland. we even spotted a starfish.

The second stop to our tour was the Cudugnon Cave. Getting inside the cave requires a little maneuvering, i was the first who volunteered to get inside the cave, i actually crawled through a tiny three-foot hole.According to our guide (Jim CariƱo), archaeologists believe that the cave was a burial site during Neolithic times.

Third and last stop of the tour was Cathedral Cave.This cave is actually a cave in an island. The big opening by the sea side makes it look like a cathedral.

On our way back to the hotel, we witnessed the postcard-like sunset.
we ended the day with a satisfying delicious dinner.An entertainment was provided, at dinnertime.local dancers showcased different folk dances of the country,"itik-itik, pandango sa ilaw, sayaw sa bangko and lastly tinikling where they encouraged all the guests to join and try dancing tinikling. i was brave enough to try the dance and did it with flying colors.


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